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Spiritual Singles & Mingles


If you are looking to connect with others on a soul level, are free from judgement; and are ready, really ready to try something different; this event is for you! ...and who knows, you might even meet your soul mate!?!?


Soul mates come in many forms, sometimes as best friends, sometimes as lovers; ...and sometimes, as life partners. But you won't know if you don't show up. Ask yourself:

- What are you willing to do to connect?

- What are you willing to do for love?


Find out on October 30! Bring the best you and be prepared to meet others who are the best for you!


Non-alcoholic refreshments provided as well as finger foods. We are cannabis friendly.


NOTE: This event is 18+ only and EVERYONE and anyone who is looking for soul connections is welcome provided judgement is left at the door. We are all accepting and DO NOT tolerate judgement of any kind while under our roof. If you can not respect everyone here and the space you are in you will be tossed out.


Message or call us for details.


$11 in advance (use button below)

$13 at the door

Spiritual Singles & Mingles - Friday, October 30, 2020 - 7-11pm