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Please note we are CLOSED November 26 & 27

Art HauS is a community. A place where local art is created and sold, where psychic minds gather, where music is played and good times are shared. Here you will find one of a kind pieces at bargain prices. The artist makes the money, not the gallery. Every Saturday and Sunday we are open to the public as a gallery. You can purchase any piece you see hanging on Baba's walls. Too, if you in turn are an artist and have something to sell; we can help you! Any and all art accepted. We even offer psychic & intuitive readings, as well as sound healing, numerology charts, card readings, and more! Just by being in the HauS you will experience the healing powers of Himalayan salt lamps, powerful crystals, regular sage burning and home baked goodies. We host various events throughout the week so be sure to check back for regular updates!